20 June 2008

and i'm off.

it's a bittersweet moment for me when i say that i'm leaving tomorrow for my favorite place in the entire world: hilton head island, south carolina. it's family vaca time, and trust me, i look forward to this more than anything every summer. the bitter part is that my jakey can't come with me. i can't even tell you. i'll miss him like crazy! however, i know he's going to have the time of his life having a sleepover with zach every night (katie and andrew are coming with me), so i think he's going to be ok on this one. anyway...see you in a week. make it a good one!


katie said...

Jealous! Have so much fun and take lots of pictures.

Ever since I learned about this place (from you) I have been dying to go.

Ani said...

can i come along?!

www.potsandpins.com said...

Jenna...I need you to send me your address in DC...I have something for you...don't get your hopes up! If you want a sneak peak check out my blog today...my apologies in advance! Seriously....a Brazilian?!? You GO girl! xoxo, Nan