16 July 2008

a good idea.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! 2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.


rob and liz jones said...

yeah i am the first one to leave memories!.. well their too many memories so i will just leave a few of my favorites..

1. When we first met on the hill at the dorms. And you had really long blonde hair.. the beginning of our precious friendship.

2. sharing one room with all of our lives in boxes in belmont.

3. coming back from hawaii and cleaning like crazy to get our place spic and span!

4. when we lived in hawaii and you came in the house looking very startled and said "I just got hit by a car on my bike!" ( i am sorry i am laughing so hard right now.. ) and then of course when i woke you up screaming b/c i thought a rat was on my body!

love you sister suzie!

Granttany said...

Me standing outside the entrance of the rugby field. with sunglasses on. feeling so undercover for some odd reason. I see you come in.

I whisper... "hey Jenna... its me.. Brittany."

you- "Ya I know. I see you."

Jessica said...

one time we had a project due. and you and i, we had some great ideas about what it should look like. then, all of a sudden, our group members ditched us. but you, you stayed. late. way late. i learned just how dedicated you were, how kind you were, and a little about your past. and when you left, this is what i thought: "i like that girl a lot!" and i still do!!

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

OKay here it goes......

when we used to watch the real world at UAC or Newlyweds until 9:30 at night in our pajamas and THEN we would get ready and go to those awesome band parties where we'd dance the night away.

When everybody else left and we went shopping in Salt Lake all day and got the same shoes at Payless the white and green polka dots! And then we got cafe rio and brought it to your aunts house.

Of course the time when you were babysitting at your aunts and called us while we were at the BYU game because a robber came and tried to hurt you and the kids?!

My favorite though is when we were driving to the scared grove and Erin let us drive while she was in the back seat......YOU were on the freeway and we had to get off quick and you didnt know how to do it so while Erin was trying to explain you were laughing freaking out and peeing your pants at the same time...

Oh and how could I forget PINK LDIES: "Yay ya'll suckers got served!"

Michelle said...

okay, your memory of me was WAY too nice! My first memory of you - honestly was just sitting in RS last Summer, and thinking that you were one of the cutest girls I'd ever seen. Please don't think I'm weird...but I still think you are so cute, I love your clothes, and hair, and personality, I love your honesty about life...I think you are very genuine and I'm sad we didn't hang out more! So memory = you're super cute!

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

Well, it's hard to pick one when I have known you your entire life. But here are a few...
You puking in front of the retirement home clubhouse after McDonalds.
Peeing your pants....and we could have another thousand stories under that category.
Laying out in Hilton Head.
Driving in circles around SLC trying to find my stupid wedding cake place for you.
SHALL I leave more? p.s. I just said Shall on purpose

Meikel & Luke said...

The day at Sundance that we figured out that you grew up with Grant Griffeth and that he was serving with my husband in Armenia, I had known you for about a minute and there we were jumping up and down at the hostess stand excited to have found a common link! Your fabulous!

jenna marie said...

favorite memory of you: being my angel and getting me through a long, hot, pregnant summer. you pretty much top my list.

Granttany said...

Okay. I'm back. The thing is... I just feel the need to write more. Especially after reading your comment. I want to tell you more of what I think of you. k? k. Don't get awkward. I just want you to know how "cool" I really think you are. You are someone who always knows what to say and when to say it. If I'm ever in need of some honest advice I would trust your opinion always. You are SO mature and smart. To me, you are the epitome of a REAL person. And you just don't understand how much I love that. Seriously. I think lots more but we shall save that for another day. It would be so so long.

Ani said...

My My..so many to pick!
Remember when we got in a fight in on the front lawn at BYU-H? Who were we?!
Matt and I kidnapping you and getting your ears pierced!
All things Hawaii
The day I moved into the UAC I came home and found a note saying you borrowed some sour cream from me. I was like, sweet, I have a friend!
patiences lies.
And this is prob. my favotite...
when you were leaving for your mission and we all said goodbye to you in the driveway of the yellow house and we danced our hearts our to "Since You've Been Gone" without any shame.
Oh, also stalking you at the Provo Temple when you were in the MTC.

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

you beat the living crap out of me as a child.
and because of that i am who i am.
and i think i am pretty awesome.
and so are you.

ill spare people the details because i wouldn't want them to fear you...
lets just say this was the motto of my childhood.

"Take the pain."

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

no wait i have more.

-when we told dad that we were going to eat really healthy. and the around 1 am in the morning, when we were supossed to be in bed. he walked in on us shoving doritos dipped in sour cream.

-when you and katie use to be my most loyal customers with my "Snack Service" Ring Ring. Too bad I went out of business....

- when Katie scared the living crap out of us at Grandma Jeans while we were sleeping. You and I were chatting up a storm, Katie was "sleeping" and then all of a sudden the bathroom light shot on through the window and katie threw herself out of bed belting,
we about died.

- when you took me on your wild haunt for the gorilla and banana suit and yes, I, was a part of the breaking into Grant Barnes King Henry Apt. Grant, we've never met and as creepy as this sounds, you were in my stake in the fall. You and Brittany sat infront of me at Stake Conference and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how I knew you and then it dawned on me....

I broke into your apartment when I was 16 years old. you caught everybody else but me. its been years now and im am just now apologizing.

so sorry.

- when you and i would belt out avril in the car.

- when me, drew, alex and megan left you and jake at the river.

oh now wait, when we floated down the river with Rino, Nevada and Zachs old fling. i wanted to die.

you know what, im done. im taking up way to much space.

we'll chat later.

yours truely.

Danielle said...

I don't even "know" you- but kinda feel like I do because of Ani. You are so funny and I love reading your blog- and I, too, love your sweet comments on my blog. We definitely need to meet!

The Young Family Inc. said...

Watching you and Jake drown each other in the Snoqualmie Falls

Watching all the extended Velas at Thanksgiving in awe of your beauty.

Electric boobs and chocolate pretzels. The time you were totally wasted and Ricky and I were laughing so hard while we quized you for hard facts. Being so wonderful with my out-of-control kids. You were so amazing to help me in my time of need

Giving me Jacob's bed at Christmas so I wouldn't have to sleep on the air matress

Man, I really need to spend more time with you. Like stalk you. Good thing we have A LOT of time to make more memories. (Insert evil laugh here)

RogueMonkey said...

I had to do this because so many memories came back to me when I read your post! I loved our nightly talks in Thailand...you telling me about your sister Katie on her mission and how much you adored and looked up to her and then of course you telling me all about Jake... I loved hearing all the stories...Those were good times! The funniest memory looking back was the night the lightning and thunder was so loud that we thought our roof was going to cave in! And then there was our hitch hike ride back to our hotel from Thap Tawan on your last day...we were absolultely drenched and covered head to toe in mud. I still laugh when I look at that pic...I think Spencer gave you a cookie when we got back b/c you're eating one in the pic;) Seriously though I really loved being your roomie for a month in a foreign country! Besides my hubby this past year I would chose you over every one else I've ever had to serve with! You're awesome and I love your wit and humour...in person and on your blog!

RogueMonkey said...

Sorry, Chris signed me out of my gmail so apparently I'm signed in as him...this is Sarah in case you didn't know;)

Heath and Gretchen said...

Hey you! I’m a little late on posting this, but I’ve got one for ya! I remember once when you were over at Liz and my dorm room getting ready for a Rush party (I think that’s what it was). You, Liz, and a couple other girls all had on matching t-shirts and I thought it was the coolest thing. Not gonna lie…I pretty much envied you guys for having such a tight-knit group of gals! You guys are awesome!

Morgan and Stuart said...

I think that there are probably lots from when you lived below me in Belmont with Liz, but one of my favorites (it's sad and happy at the same time) was the night before you were leaving on your mission (I don't know if it was really the night before you were leaving, or just the last night we'd see you before you went in to the MTC) and Dayna and I stopped to say "bye" at pretty close to 2am and we all just sat there and cried for a really long time I feel like... Liz was a wreck and I was so sad for her!! :( I remember it was hard to walk out of good old 270.

Another good one, I hadn't seen you since you'd been back, I'd just said hi to you on the phone... and then it was fun to catch up for about 45 seconds at your super cute bridal shower!

Lisa said...

I loved when you would come over and watch Grey's with Mare and me. I also loved that we always seemed to be on the bus at the same time, and in those short minutes from the Wilk to Belmont, we would catch each other up on the boy drama going on. Miss you!

Andi said...

remember that one time when we were in depression and we were living in the former soviet union in the middle of the dark winter and we drove around the gray ghetto of riga to find a doctors office and then we finally found the gray concrete dark abandoned office building and when we walked in passed the guards they were smoking maryjane and the building was a scary monochromatic maze, but then we found your doctor's office and opened the door and we were blinded by neon colors everywhere and we just looked at each other and burst out laughing because it was a FUN HOUSE... and then that doctor with a clown afro walked passed us and we lost it because it really was a FUN HOUSE. i love that moment and love you.

The Grand High Budge Mom said...

driving south on University Ave, I think, close to the stadium--Tapa's driving, we stop at a stoplight, and I can see a couple on a motorcycle next to us out of the corner of my eye. Light blond hair is what caught my eye first, so I think I could tell that the girl was bare-headed. My first thought is "the crazy things people do, I sure hope they don't get in an accident" or something like that. I actually glance over to look at the couple more closely. Lo and behold, the beautiful golden hair belongs to Jenna! I had to laugh to see that the motorcycle couple turned out to be our good friends the Vela's. You two are so cute, so beautiful and so amazing. Be safe too ;)