22 July 2008


i was running through the woods the other day, and it made me think. when i was training for my half marathon, i would honestly look forward to running most days. of course there were the days when i felt like i didn't have it in me, but once i would get out there with my good buddy ipod (who, if you remember that post, decided to die on me at the very start of my race. i've forgiven her since), i would feel so thankful to be able to run and able to have some time to myself. i'm not sure if you all know this, but on my mission i developed a pretty bad case of tendinitis in both of my feet. it was a pretty big trial for me, but after a few months of me being home it toned down a little bit. then, it just went away...which is why i was able to train and run my half marathon. after my race, it all came back, so bad in fact that i had to get some steroid shots in my right foot simply so i could walk. well, i've started running slowly but surely again and it has felt so good. i've been running this week outside and i've felt so free and so wonderful. yes, it's been terribly hot. yes, my feet have ached a little bit. but i can't explain to you how thankful i am for my health and that i'm able to do those kinds of activities. i love my ipod, i love my music that shuffles to different songs which all mean something to me in some way, and i love that time to myself to just think, reconnect, and find happiness. the point of this post: needing to recognize how thankful i am for my ongoing good health, the outdoors, and good, good music.


jon & jill said...

okay. super crazy that our posts are practically identical. although our time together at byu was short, i strongly believe that some people in life you just instantly click with and that is how i felt about you. i have related to many of your blog posts and you even write like me sometimes. anyway, without being too cheesy...i'm glad we're friends. keep blogging. :)

Michelle said...

what a nice post. I've been running a lot lately too...and your post reminds me to be grateful for al the things you listed. I'm also a ipod - good music to run to - junkie, and I don't know if there are many things better than a good song when you need that extra push up the hill! love ya! thanks for the reminder!

SJ said...

Do you remember running through the forest in Vilnius with the Cow!!!! And how we could have died. yea, i may sound dramatic but it's true.

Love you,


Ryan-n-Bryn said...

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The Young Family Inc. said...

Will you add me to your Jenna's thoughts blog?