26 July 2008

today i slept 'til noon and woke up with no plan
the reason i slept 'til noon is because i was up waiting for my man
yes i cooked him dinner at 11:45 p.m.
tacos it was...jake's favorite dinner. all he could say was, amen.
ricky is here and we're so excited
unfortunately he has to sleep on the old pull out couch in a room so lighted
so off the boys went on a long day of selling
and here i am, blogging a meaningless poem in my dwelling
bath and body works never schedules me (yes i have a job, did you know?)
one day a week i work, and it's usually very slow
so i'll just lay here a little longer, brainstorming something to do
but i write this poem to tell you that i surely do love you.
although lonely and bored at times, i know my life has a purpose
i remember just a few months ago when life felt like a circus
today is a day where i might go work on my tan
but for now, i'm a girl who slept 'til noon and woke up with no plan.
*disclaimer:  i actually hate when people say "my man."  the only reason i used that phrase is that it rhymes with plan.  good day.


Michelle said...

that was so cute. you crack me up.. which bath and body do you work at? you really need to come and hang out with us when you are home bored. i'm home all the time...not bored...but i'm still home....love ya!

The Young Family Inc. said...

You are so creative. I love you.

Thanks for the oh-so-sweet message the other day.

Thanks for taking care of Ricky.

Thanks for being my favorite blond sister.

I love you Jenna-benna