19 August 2008

yo ho ho.

good times in d.c. it's coming to an end....bitter and very sweet all at the same time.
you can't tell, but we're on a rip stick, balancing and all.  jake has so many talents.
again, on the rip stick.  again, lots of talent.


Ani said...

You guys are too darn cute. i love the last picture the best. you look so happy!

Alex and Megan said...

Jen....wow I miss you. Seriously though. I got your message, but my family has been in town the last week
But i want to talk...I will call you.
I am jealous you summer is coming to a close and you get to go back to p-town...i will miss all our friends.
When will you be up in Sea-town next?
What else are you doing...i am disconnected.....connect me....Alexs says hi....he is sitting by me.
Love you

ps you guys look beautimus!

The Young Family Inc. said...

Shhssshhh! Don't tell anyone you are coming up!!!! I am NOT sharing with anyone!!!

Tell Jake to bring his ripstick. Nicco J. wants to try and dreams of skateboarding with Uncle J.

PS I got my mail today. We need to talk. I'll call you.

The Young Family Inc. said...
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Michelle said...

you two are so dang cute I can't stand it. I love the new pictures on your blog. Your blog is adorable, I am jealous every time I look at it!