10 September 2008

forgive me, because it's not what you think.

sorry...not pregnant. i have a feeling that's what a few of you were thinking. HOWEVER, it's almost just as good! i painted my living room, two pieces of my furniture, and bought some really great pillows to go on my couch. not to mention a stunning antique mirror (quite a large one) that now adorns my living room wall. the huge monster blank wall is blank no more my friends. we also hung up our chalkboard, finally. i realize there is probably a lot of disappointment in reading this post because i'm sure you were expecting much more. but the great news is this: i have found my chi! i feel like my house is really almost complete, and i REALLY am enjoying being here again. and, one more "i'm sorry...".....you'll have to wait until tonight to see pictures because i can't find my camera. but i am bound and determined. SO, that's the surprise. i'm sorry i fell short. however one day, when/if i do ever get pregnant, i will announce it in some fabulous way and you will not be disappointed. check back later tonight if you're interested. for those of you who love to decorate and feel calm and happy in your home, you might deeply understand how relieved i feel after finally completing some long-overdue projects. thank you, and goodday.


Janelle Phipps said...

yeah! It's such a good feeling to finish some nice home projects. You need to get as many of those done before you DO get pregnant because then they become more and more impossible. By the way, I went to the library and got "The Goose girl". I"m excited to read it because of you!
Janelle Phipps

andrea.roche said...

You will get prego.
In addition, I don't want to see pictures because then I will have to deal with my personal insecurities of my house looking like crap. haha. I'm sure it's perfect. Isn't it nice to feel comfortable in your own home?

And the mean woman's blog is www.jensenauthority.blogspot.com. But i'm warning you. It's not uplifting. I know she's obviously an idiot, but it's never fun to see people think you are dumb. Anyway. It's sad that there are people like that out there (esp. members of the church).

We're going private none the less so get me your email..again. sorry.

andrea.roche said...

my bad. jensenauthenticity.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping this doesn't come across as incredibly strange, but I stumbled across your blog through a friend and I have an important question for you. I saw your post a little while ago about serving a mission, and I'm wondering, what made you decide that it was the right thing for you to do? Especially since you said something about already knowing your husband - was he still on his mission when you left or already home? I'm wondering because I have thought a lot about serving a mission, but don't seem to know the right answer for me yet. Also, my boyfriend would come home from his mission the month before I turn 21, which adds more dilemma to the decision. Again, if I seem like a total weirdo, or if it is too personal to share - that is totally OK! Just after reading about your mission, I really felt I needed to ask and this is the only way I could ask. Anyways, my e-mail is jlaurene@byu.net I would love to hear your thoughts!

- Jana

Andi said...

lucky me, i got a live viewing tonight. it was great seeing you and your masterpiece. love the house and all you've done with it. i'm seriously so impressed. i do have to say one thing though, i was a little disappointed to come home and find no email from jenna as promised. what the heck liar?

nat said...

your place sounds like it looks great!!--so...post a pic of it yo! good luck with your garage sale this weekend--hope to see you soon :)

jenna marie said...

um yes yes YES. i know exactly what kind of chi can be obtained by the mere fact of enjoying your house. i'm working on mine as we speak.

Rachel Z said...

Hi! (Sorry, a little random, friend of a friend of a friend...)

Will we ever get to see pictures? It sounds beautiful! I have a 30-day-move-in-to-fully-decorated rule that helps with developing that settled, peaceful feeling. I'm in the midst of it now. Glad you're feeling better about your home!