02 September 2008

oh my.

a few things you should know. #1. i'm currently doing this post from cougar campus. #2. fall is coming. i can feel it in the air, and nothing makes me happier. and finally, #3. jake is in seattle and i miss him terribly. but we made it back, alive. and i'm happy about that. cheers.


Jessica said...

SO glad you are back on cougar campus

Janelle Phipps said...


Hello!! Sorry it's taken me so long to finally respond to you. I've loved your comments on our blog and it's been so fun to catch up with you and your life. So now that you're only in Provo, we'd love to get together with you guys! We're in Salt Lake, trying to sell our house so we can move up to Ogden where David works. Anyway, you and your husband seem very happy and cute together; we're happy for you. Good luck with school--are you both finishing your degrees? What are you studying? So silly to try and catch up in one little comment box, but hey, it'll work.

We love you!

Janelle and David

Ani said...

1. jealous that you in cougar territory now.
2. i could not disagree with you more. even the word september gives me a stomach ache. i grieve for the loss of summer.
3. i am sorry your jake is gone. i wish i was there to keep you company.
4. loves.

Megano said...

I'm so glad that you guys are back!!! I'm with ya! I'm glad that summer is over... hmm I never thought I'd be sayin that one. Love.

The Young Family Inc. said...

Wish you were here!!

Wanna see the bangs!!!

The Young Family Inc. said...

PS Jake is hanging with LP and I am pissed... didn't he just sepnd all summer with him!?!?!?

noelle regina said...

little part of me that wishes we were on cougar campus. jealous.