20 October 2008

hi hi hi.

i have loved so many things about the past few days. my parents came into town--it's always a treat to have brian and donna around. we went bowling, out to eat, up to sundance, shopping, gardner's village...just to name a few. so many good times were had and i am very sad my parents don't live closer. here is evidence of a FABULOUS weekend.
me and mister.
my sisters are pretty.
all i want for christmas is a tandem bike, a tandem bike, a tandem bike. gee if i could only have a tandem bike...
rachel anne.
my dad, smiling the biggest smile ever. how great is that smile?
the boys and their steaks. a man's dream: steak and football on a saturday.
me and my mom. don't we look alike?
my mom's after-bowl pose. it was a rule. we had to hold poses after each bowl.
this was my pose....slid on the floor on my stomach. not the most flattering picture...
my thighs are the size of china in this picture. i swear they're normally not that huge....ugh.
obviously we're alike. look at our faces. same reactions, and we didn't even know it.
utah is so pretty right now. so, so pretty.
hanging out at gardner's village. i love that place.
jakey and drewbear.
me and jake at sundance. have i ever mentioned that i LOVE sundance?
the mama and the papa.
a little more stable this time. how sweet is the tandem.
blurry...but so cute of jake. isn't he hot?
boy talk. probably talking bowling strategies.
drew loves when grandpa whispers in his ear. he seriously falls into a daze every time.
just playing drew's favorite game. he walks to the stairs, stares at me, and waits for me to chase him and tell him "no!" every time he hears "no," he just smiles, does a fake laugh, and crawls faster. stinker.


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

I love your family! And did I mention your hair. It makes me want blonde again! I love family time! We both don't get enough of it. I miss you.

Michelle said...

first - you and jake make me sick....cutest couple ever. I love that new pic of you guys at the top of your blog. I LOVE the pic of you on the bike...that's hilarious. Cute Cute Cute family pics! You make me miss my family!

Meg and Terr said...

Ummmm I miss you so much you don't even know...can we be friends again? :) I would love to see you one of these days, so please do call when you have some time.

abbie said...

love that utah in the fall. looks like you had a great time with your family! and your sister's baby is soo cute!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

you guys are so cute! i grew up with jake...same ward, you guys need to add me to your blog email me your email address so i can add you guys to mine!
~nicole fischer cooper

CASEY & NICOLE said...

sorry i forgot to give you my email...njc8686@yahoo.com, thanks!

KEH said...

So good to see you and meet your adorable family!! That baby boy!!!! So delicious! You are a wonderful woman and you are looking so faboo these days. XO!

Lindsey said...

Hey Jenna! So I kind found your blog randomly. I love it and all your pictures! They are great. How are yall doing?

Reimstar said...

Ah, I love family! So precious! And I'd have to say, I'm proud that I've taken 2 of your pictures on your blog page! I just follow you around with a camera and you don't even know it!

Kate McNeil said...

your family is simply gorgeous. so glad you found your camera cord! haha. don't you just live for family weekends like this? heaven.