23 November 2008

the birthday of 7 smokes

my last post said something about jake whisking me away for the weekend...well, it was a weekend that made me feel completely and utterly spoiled. my birthday was on saturday, and jake seriously went above and beyond any expectation i could ever imagine. thank you jakey, for giving me the best birthday i've ever had. seriously. here is what he did for me:
first, my friends and sisters took me out to a surprise birthday lunch at zupas--so much fun.
then, jake took me to this place in salt lake for a yummy italian dinner:
then we came here for a salted caramel hot chocolate...sooo yummy.
then, he very sneakily drove up here, where we stayed for the night. unreal.
and while there, we got some room service (which we both agree was one of the best parts of the sleepover)
we also got caught up on this:
the next day, jake got me one of these:
and then took me to eat the yummiest sushi here, along with katie, zach, rachel, and her friend brad.
and then (this is where i literally started to cry), jake surprised me with tickets to this concert, happening that night:
i cried, danced, stood the entire time, screamed, sang my heart art, and told chris martin at least 30 times that i thought he was a total bad-A.
i am still in shock that he did all this for me. seriously. he says there are two more smokes. (anyone who has seen you, me, and dupree understands what we mean by "7 smokes") i wonder what they could be.... i love jake.


Meikel said...

Yay happy birthday! Also I would love to see more of your wedding photos Kenneth Linge is amazing!

Canadian Princess said...

I would have totally been in tears too over the Coldplay surprise. Tell Jake he is seriously amazing!!!

Jessica said...

Wow! Lucky girl. Happy Birthday!

Kate McNeil said...

What an awesome hubby. And yes, the salted caramel hot chocolate is to die for.

Happy Birthday cutie.

jenna marie said...

happy birthday! what an amazing weekend! thank goodness for husbands!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had an AMAZING weekend!! Happy birthday. :)

The Young Family Inc. said...

So I know what one of the smokes were.... what was the other!?!? A snake!?!??!

megan said...

amazing! so fun. happy birthday jenna! wish i could have been there to celebrate with you :)

tjsanford said...

Random question...did you live in the University Avenue apartments across from the library? I swear you were in my ward. Did you know Matt Swenson or Danny Sanford? I love reading your blog!

tjsanford said...

Whew! I didn't want to sound like some crazy girl checking out your blog.

Yeah, he passed away about 7 1/2 months after we were married. Totally unexpected. I was 5 months pregnant with our little guy. He has been such a blessing to have.

Maddie West said...

Jenna. So nice to meet you last night! And you have the cutest blog! ps. Ginza is my favorite sushi place ever.