17 November 2008


it's been awhile since i've posted anything, really. this weekend was so much fun--i'm literally sad it's over. we went up to park city on friday with some of our friends from jake's work. we stayed the night at stein erikson lodge (which was amazing, by the way), and basically had a very relaxing weekend. one of the best parts was that jenye and crewby came into town (see below picture). for some reason, i didn't take any pictures and i'm regretting it big time. we love jenye and crew so much--i wish we could live by all of our family members, seriously. also, some pictures from when jake went to st. george with the hillsteads (i was sick and had way too much homework to go). and lastly, i posted some pictures from andrea's wedding because i just loved seeing some of my good friends that i haven't seen in awhile. enjoy.
jenye and crew on halloween.
jakey and me.
me and my buddies in park city.
jake and our buddies in park city
me and jake, just hanging out.
the hillsteads and jake in st. george after a 13-mile hike through the subway.
the illegitimate brother, blake.
love this baby. little kate.
love these girls. love them.


Andi said...

jenna.... you honestly look so great. beautiful as always and i love the little twinkle in i can see in your eye. it was so good to chat with you today and to just hear your voice. love you so much.

Kate McNeil said...

can you get any more beautiful? what a southern belle. i'm loving the bangs and i want some myself. glad you had a fun weekend!

Ani said...

Cute cute pictures! You are so pretty!
I am glad you love Kate. She loves you too!

Megano said...

Glad you guys are having fun!!!
I feel like I haven't seen you forever!!!:( We must correct this.