08 December 2008

and we're back.

it's all happening too fast. life, i mean. we had been talking about this cruise for forever, and now it's over and we both are suffering from dizziness and mild bowel problems (obviously expected after eating days worth of authentic mexican food....worth it). our bodies still think they're on a cruise ship. there is clothing everywhere, laundry to be done, a tree to be decorated, and school to finish up. have i mentioned that i haven't done one ounce of christmas shopping? i blame it all on things happening too fast. i've also gained 5 pounds. this is not a joke. however, all in all, we had a SERIOUS good time. now it's back to life, reality, cold weather, and a fading-too-fast tan. more pictures soon. adios, amigos!


Cami said...

sounds like you had a fun time!
The fabulous onesie is from none other than the great TARGET! I know they had a couple different kinds, but this one made me laugh way to hard so I had to have it. It's amazing...I recommend it!

Reimstar said...


Megan and Mike said...

Jenna, you two are so cute and I miss you. hope things are well...and hopefully I can see you at least once in the next ten years!