17 February 2009


a friend of mine asked me about my skin and what products i use. note: my skin has been through the ringer. i've been on accutaine twice and have dealt with acne since the beginning of time. there are parts of my skin (especially on my forehead) where it's got this weird bump-rash thing goin' on. it's really awesome. i've accepted i'll never have perfect skin, and i'm ok with that. HOWEVER, with that said, there are a few products that i swear by...i love them sooo much. thought i'd share the wealth. this is for you, andrea.
this moisturizer is actually gel, which is weird, but so amazing. i'll never use another moisturizer as long as i live. never leaves you greasy. ever.
a must have from the body shop. this is the only face foam wash that really does what i need it to do. it's a dream.
also: when i get a zit, i just let it run it's course. i'll pick it when it needs to be picked, and then let it be red or whatever for however long it needs to in order to go away. i've found that when i do this, it surprisingly goes away much faster than it would had i been putting all kinds of weird ointments on it. this is a new thing for me. try it. embrace your imperfections. it's quite gratifying.


*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Cute cute Jenna! I never got the chance to look at the new chest you got! I was so excited to see it but I must have been caught up in American Idol or crocheting or whatever we were doing at the time! Nuts! Please post a picture of it--or better yet I just need to come to your house and see it in real life! Have so much fun on your trip! It sounds amazing! I am so jealous! It's been so fun to see you a couple of times over the past week! I am going to get your number from Katie! =)

Janessa said...

Hi Jenna! I found your blog thru Andrea's...also struggle with skin issues and I'm always looking for good products so I'll have to try those, thanks! (PS, did acutane work the second time? cuz I'm seriously tempted to try it twice. sorry if that was tmi)

Laura said...

Hi Jenna!
My name is Laura and I read your blog frequently. Not to freak you out but I must tell you how much I love you! Your blog just makes me so happy and I also think you are pretty darn hilarious! I found your blog through a friend of a friend of a friend {we all know how that goes!}

Your "skin" post really intrigued me and now I want to try both products! I majorally obsess over any imperfection my skin may have-it's been a life long battle. My question to you is- Does the Clinique Moisturizing lotion cause breakouts!??? What about the Tea tree oil!? I know, random question but I'm desperate to find good skin care products.

Thanks for always brightening up my day!