09 April 2009

it's gloomy outside. need a pick me up? i know i do. announcing my friend jenna's pretty little blog's very first GIVEAWAY! i'm thrilled to present to you {Motley HandMade} designed & created by jenna's one & only eighth grade bff emily frame. her creations are all the rage around these parts & are selling like hot cakes.  check out her lovely etsy shop here.
leave a comment on jenna's blog with your favorite spring activity & she'll have an unbiased party {her husband} draw the winner.  good luck!


Alex and Megan said...

Jen....how do you know Emily...i know her too. That is crazy. We went to high school together. Wow small world.
Much love.

The Young Family Inc. said...

Favorite spring activity? Hmmm. I'd say riding the tandum around while trying not to crash. You guys should go for a bike ride! How fun! Maybe borrow Rachel's baby!?!?
Painting the den comes in a close second! :)

Mel said...

Hey! How are you cute girl! Well I was just looking @ Zach & Katie's blog & decided to link onto yours! I didn't even know you HAD a blog. Shows how dumb I am! ;) Well it was so fun to see you the other night @ the movie & can I just tell you that you are the biggest sweetheart in the world! Seriously! I hope you are doing well! Love the blog & those headbands are adorable! ;)

Going Long said...

hi jenna. i love you.

Cherice said...

Hey beautiful girl.. So cute headbands. I currently have a headband obssession.. So PICK ME PICK ME!!! My ABSOLUTE fav Spring Activity is taking my little Crae bay to the PARK and on WALKS. Excpet in Utah I get super excited when its nice and do all these fun things for me and Crae and than the next day when it decides to snow my poor Crae stares out the window and pounds on the door wondering why I am not taking him outside. Sad :-(. Hopefully it will get warm and STAY warm. Loves

noelle regina said...

My favorite spring activity - sitting on the porch swing at the house in SLC sipping lemonade and waving at passersby.