29 May 2009

favorite summer foods thus far...

triscuits are my favorite these days.  especially with pepper jack cheese.
nectarines just do it for me.  i've been adding them to my daily green drink and loving it.
this cereal is amazing.  100% of your daily folic acid, vitamin B, A, and whatever else you can think of.  Not to mention it tastes divine.  I eat it with blueberries.
can't go wrong with these.  love them so much--they have 85% of your daily fiber in just one tortilla (i think that stat is correct, isn't it jenye?) so good with refried beans, fresh tomatoes, a dollop of sour cream, spinach, and lime juice.
if you like all things tart, you will LOVE these.
fresh baked sourdough bread from publix.  don't know what it is, but when you put it with turkey, avocado, laughing cow cheese, and spicy brown mustard, there is nothing better.
i've always had a love affair with dill pickles.  but these ones are my favorite right now.
frozen green grapes.  best snack ever.
can't explain how much i love refried beans. 
blueberries.  enough said. also a fabulous frozen snack.
i am loving lemonade these days--especially the publix brand.  divine.
obsessed.  so easy. 50% less fat.  so delicious.
don't ask me about this post, i just have good food on my mind.  thought i'd share some yummy snacks.


Michelle said...

your blog really just makes me happy. there is just something about it. I became a huge fan of the Edy's frozen fruit bars when I was WAY sick and pregnant....the lemon flavor was literally one of the only things that I could eat. yummy!

SJ said...


Things I love from your food list:

Laughing cow, it was invtied for me...


Blueberries, can't afford them..but love them

We don't have edy's in salt lake, but dyer's is the same...also delicious...

been obsessed with heart to heart since i moved to DC.

love you,
miss you.

tavo seimaninka.


Anonymous said...

yum i love all that food so healthy and delish.

jenna said...


abbie said...

glad you get to enjoy publix... i forgot that you lived in GA so you are familiar with the goodness! that sourdough bread is too die for and i just maybe ate a whole loaf of the thin sliced variety myself in 2 days.

Kelley said...

I love triscuits:) Have you seen "on the go bistro" frozen foods at the grocery stores there? I normally am not a fan of pre-made frozen dishes but they are SOOOOOO GOOD. YOU MUST TRY THEM!!!

Rachel said...

Dill pickles. Yummmmm.

Ani said...

yum yum! love the reduced fat..more crunchy!
frozen grapes? yes please.
Laughing cow...favorite.

Nila said...

Green Drink??? YES!!!! Is this the recipe from the mission, or have you made up one of your own? Brings back such memories. . .
XOXO Sis. Watterson