01 May 2009


earlier today, i ran my dishwasher and it flooded my kitchen.  called for maintenance, no one came. later this evening, i washed our whites in the washing machine and now my laundry room has two inches of water in it, with sopping wet carpet in the hall and our bedroom.
i think i'm being tested.


Jenny and Wyatt Dannels said...

sounds like what happened to us...i am not even kidding. Our dishwasher flooded our apartment when we first moved in and my dryer ruined (burned marks) in all my clothes....i am sorry. Hope it gets better. Gotta love apartments for the summer...miss you! Good luck to you guys out there.

Michelle said...

that is nuts! is that how it works in Florida? (that's where you guys are, right?)
I hope you guys have an awesome Summer!