03 May 2009


oh my gosh lately i can't stop thinking about freckles. maybe it's because every summer i get a few new ones on my arm, and that's exciting to me. but my ONE wish is that they would magically appear on my nose, ever so dainty. a few on my cheek bones, perfectly placed. is there possible surgery for this? i just love freckles so much. if you have them, please count your blessings. they are beautiful.
sometimes i think about doing this: i wouldn't be ashamed.


Michelle said...

you're so funny....cause when you have freckles, you hate them! okay, not hate...but get a little jealous when others have purely clear skin...you're cute.

The Longs said...

haha you are funny. I have freckles on my face, especially right now being out in the sun in AZ. I've never thought of them as beautiful or a blessing...I just haven't minded them at all either. haha but that is one way to look at it. :)

Joseph and Katie said...

this makes me laugh jenna dear. you can borrow my freckles if you want.

Katie Nielsen said...

Hi Jenna! I totally stalk your blog through Andrea's. I had to leave a comment when I noticed on your sidebar, you're reading The Time Traveler's Wife. I just finished it on a plane ride home last night...I had tears streaming down my face. The poor guy next to me no doubt felt quite uncomfortable, but I couldn't help it...such a beautiful read! Enjoy!

SJ said...

Found a new freckle on my right arm.

Love you,


Becky said...

i once heard "a face without freckles is a sky without stars." dont have freckles myself, but im totally with you on this one. hope you're doing well!

emily said...

You don't know me..haha. But, i am Sarah Larsen's little sister and Stuart and Morgan's sister as well. I am often guilty of "blogstocking" you from time to time. Don't think i'm a creep..I just love everything about your posts. Your so honest and pure. This particular post i jsut had to comment on. Being a native to the wonderful state of Arizona. I have freckles ALL over my nose and cheek bones. I always try to cover them up. But, this post has made me realize i need to be greatful for the things i think are "blemishes" on my body. So, thank you for opening up my eyes!
keep on having an awesome blog it keeps me entertained! :) bye!
emily peterson