20 May 2009

georgia on my mind

what can i say, i love where i'm from. i went home this weekend to spend some time with my parents and also to surprise one of my dearest friends dana for one of her bridal showers. she cried--she was that surprised.  it made me feel complete, to say the least.  it was really good to see some of my girlfriends from high school--they are still SO fabulous, and i really wish i could see them more often.  maybe one day if i ever move back to the homeland.  anyway, here are a few pictures.  i'm lame and didn't take any with my parents--but i had so much fun with them.  my mom and dad really make me feel so happy.  enjoy.
me and the bride-to-be, dana.
me and tara.
me and camille (she was the MC that night...so hilarious)
the girls.


Rachel Anne Robbins said...

jenna elaine: when did your hair get so long? it's beautiful. such precious locks.

jenna said...

you look gorgeous. an YES your hair is getting so long.

Grant + Brittany said...

your hair is so long i can't get over it.