06 May 2009

twenty things i love about rachel

my favorite little sister turns 20 today. in honor of her awesomeness, i say this:
1. rachel is way smarter than she gives herself credit for.
2. rachel is one of the best dancers i know--hip hop, 80's, ballroom...she rocks.
3. rachel does the best "donny" impressions...ask her to do it.  it's hilarious.
4. rachel is one of the best friends i've seen around.  she is seriously a very reliable, dependable, and supportive friend; not only to us, but to her college buddies as well.
5. rachel is a very good auntie.  and andrew really loves her.
6. rachel has a huge heart--she just wants to give and give to those around her. she has a passion for the service of others, and she is very sensitive to people's feelings and thoughts.
7. rachel is very good at creating random snacks.  RING RING!
8. rachel is seriously fun.  i mean, you hang out with her and you know you're going to have a freaking good time.
9. rachel is a really good daughter.  this i have noticed most recently as she has done a few things to help out my mom and dad in different ways.  she really cares about her family.
10.  rachel is the best dresser.  i think we all know this.  i wish i had her style.
11. rachel is going to be a very good wife one day. she is so good at taking care of people.
12.  rachel has a really strong testimony.  she appreciates the gospel in her life and i know she is a very prayerful person.
13. not many know this, but rachel used to be a really amazing cheerleader.  she quit after a few years though because the girls on her squad started getting into some naughty things.  that right there just says something about rachel.
14. rachel is a really good story teller.  i'm serious rach, you've improved!
15. rachel is seriously hilarious.  i mean funny funny funny.  you'll always get a good laugh when you're with her.  i mean, have you read her blog?  that pug story is out of control.
16. rachel is a girl of many talents. she is a VERY good singer.  play rock band with her and you'll see. or drive in her car.  she's an amazing artist.  she designs incredible dresses.
17. rachel was my little buddy in high school.  we always did stuff together, even though i was 4 grades older than her.  i loved driving her around and singing "chop suey" at the top of our lungs.
18. rachel is a pretty crier.  do you know what i mean by that?  when i cry, my whole faces gets blotchy and red and swollen.  rachel cries and her face doesn't move.  she just has these little tears that stream down her face, and that's it.  pretty crier.
19. rachel is an amazing sister---she's always there when you need her.  katie and i both appreciate her and can't even imagine life without her.
20. rachel is beautiful.  absolutely beautiful.  the best thing about it is that she doesn't revolve her life around her looks--she just naturally looks good all the time.
"rachel annneeee.  raccchhheel annnnee.  prettiest girlll in allll the land!"
(this is the song katie and i would sing to her when we were little.  we used to pretend she was our queen)
love you rach. happy birthday!


andrea said...

i read #1 and was in tears by #3. "i will be emotionally stable today - i will overcome by insanity" okay i am better.
happy birthday cute rachel!

Grant + Brittany said...

tell rachel about tumblr. she will love it.