13 May 2009

where are we?

j and j seem to be missing.  where have they gone?  why is female-j only posting random pictures of celebrities and freckles?  where are pictures of j and j? their everyday lives? what do they do?
1. male-j has a very time-consuming job, which requires great patience and lots of hard work. this also means that there is very little free time to do "fun things" that are camera worthy.
2. female-j might have forgotten the camera cord, thinking that male-j packed it.  oops.
3. they are both simply enjoying each other, and don't feel like publishing about their lives.
we believe that pictures will be coming soon, somehow, some way.  lots to catch up on.  until then, enjoy female-j's random thoughts.


liz & allison said...

love that you are referring to yourseleves as "j".. love the picture looks like it should be in people.. love you. the end.

jenna said...


The Young Family Inc. said...

You look so diva in that picture. What a hottie.

Thanks for your help today.

Have fun in Georgia!

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

:( this job will do that to you. boo. I miss my J too!

Erin said...

you are missing from my life cause you are in georgia... can't wait to hear all about it.