23 June 2009


i'm having serious blogger's block.  i have nothing to talk about.  sometimes i get in these moods where i honestly don't feel like saying anything.  i just let everyone else speak and i listen happily.  it's one of those phases for me. that's why i've been putting so many random pictures up because i have nothing to say.  boo.  anyway, i'm trying to take a lot of pictures on our trip and i'm working on the camera cord.  but until then, hear no see no speak no.  forgive me.
but here is some news!  liz and allison (the pilates gurus) were on studio 5 utah this morning.  they also have a new website where ordering products and dvds are easy.  go to their new and fabulous website here, and watch them on studio 5 here.  you're missing out if you don't check out their website, i'm serious.  click on my pojo logo on the sidebar if you want a quick way to get there.  so proud of you liz!

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