14 June 2009

the final decision...

{waving goodbye to my music}
so i've made a decision about the music on my blog.  yes, i know this really is not important, but out of curiosity i wanted to see how people felt about my music on the blog.  here was the final result:


a close call, no? so i've decided that i'm going to leave my music on my blog (basically for andi who is stranded in afghanistan with NO music except my blog), but if you want to listen to it, you have to actually hit play.  it will then shuffle around from song to song, and you can enjoy yourself.  otherwise, the blog will be silent.  i do love my music--- i feel like it represents me in certain ways, ya know?  but the people voted, and this is the outcome, and it is okay.  i know my blog is incredibly boring these days--i'm working on it.  stay tuned.


mbishopp said...

is that your 'i'm thinking" pic?

i am always debating music or not. i guess no one has a strong opinion enough for me to take it off of my blog.

so you're in flordia now? u feel so close, yet so far away.

jenna said...

i can hear you say, ya know. i miss you. LOVED our convo the other day. got me thinking about good things. love you. blog more.

AaReAn said...

i am glad you did this. i always wonder if i should put music on my blog or not?!?! I guess it's MY blog so I should put whatever i want on it right?!?! haha a little britney spearks im a slave for you?!?! Hm maybe not?!

Cassie and Doug Hansen said...

jenna darling, I totally know what you mean by your music representing you! I love my music and i feel like it defines kind of my personality...let alone my mood at that moment. I don't know what I would do without my songs...I get lost in dreamworld with them and I love them so much. have a wonderful day beautiful!