15 June 2009

just cook already

have you been here in awhile?  if not, you should check it out again.  we've posted some really delicious recipes, and you really don't want to miss out.  ta-ta!


AaReAn said...

um this looks delish! I think i just might head to the store on my lunch break and make it for lunch! Yum!!! p.s. totally agree with your bachelorette comment...i like jesse too. i forgot to write about him. oh well next week. haha oh and i love your music! I play it while i am at work. :-)

caitlin wilson said...

i wish you were here and you could make me that salad while i lay in bed. i miss you! wish you could have been at my shower too, how am i going to see you again? when do you come back...im kind of devastated right now realizing that we didn't talk about if we'd ever see eachother again! hope you are happy in orlando. xoxo.