18 June 2009

my mom.

this is my bedroom at my mom's house.  i took this picture when i was visiting over a month ago.  it was about 2 minutes after i had woken up.  i just can't explain my mom's taste in decorating--she is quite talented in everything she does.  but if you could've only seen my room before this transformation.  holy high school.  anyway, i just love this picture.  it is very peaceful to me.  can't wait to see my mom!


andrea.roche said...

It made u feel wierd bc it was rude. At first, I thought it was funny. Then, I went back and read it and realized it was totally not funny. It's funny to those who know me REALLY well. but most don't. so; hence, deletion.

stupid blog. i want to quit.

andrea.roche said...

PS I'm just frustrated bc my blog constantly has haters who say it's so fake...that in combination with the day I had NOT a prime time to blog.

PSS I know Jake works hard. He's a stud.

Grant + Brittany said...

she is very talented. i would love to wake up in this room! so peaceful. i hope you are having fun with your fam in hilton head, i'm excited to hang out when you get home! :)

sallymae said...

What color are the walls?