11 July 2009

san pellegrino limonata

you have not lived until you've tried this DIVINE drink.  oh how i love thee.
{thank you katrina for introducing me}
available at costco in a can.


rebecca lourie lowe said...

oooh i love that. the orange one is really good, too.

jenna said...

this is my family's favorite drink. ever. that and the aranciata.

noelle regina said...

my favorite flavor is aranciata - we frank it by the gallon in rome

The Perry Party said...

Hey Jenna,
It's Danielle Perry. I have sorta kept up with your blog since you found mine awhile ago. I love to read your posts. It makes me miss those days in the dorms when we would chat for hours. Well, now life seems to be so much more complicated but it is fun to stay in touch by reading about your life. If you have room I would love to be added but I totally understand if you don't have room. Congrats on the baby! I have a six mo. old and they are the best. She's had some health problems though so I can totally relate to some of the trials you write about. Anyways good luck with everything and if you ever have time when you are in SLC I would love to get lunch or something! Talk to you later,

Larry C said...

Found it at Safeway (supermarket)
San Jose, CA USA

(My last purchase was at Whole Foods Market ... other known outlets, Beverages and More; CostCo ... not a member.) Larry