15 August 2009

grafton street.

it is storming. the rain is pounding against the windows in our little sun room. i have dido serenading me in the background, and i'm putting together my travel journal for europe. i booked a hotel for our first night in munich (thanks to all of your comments that freaked me out, but really needed. thank you!), and i feel great. i feel very bad for husband who is out in this mess...hopefully he is breaking for lunch right about now so he doesn't get drenched.
i'm enjoying my alone time right now. what am i saying, i always enjoy my alone time. but for some reason the past few days have been so good and necessary for me. i really like shopping alone. i loved going to the bookstore by myself the other day. i sipped hot chocolate (it was raining outside and freezing in there... yes i know i live in FL), and read through europe books at a nice little table. i've always been independent, so i guess i just appreciate the little moments where i can just hang out with myself.
song of the day: grafton street by dido. please download it, find it online to listen to, something. enjoy. you will thank me.
only two more days to enter yourself into the just-cook-already giveaway. don't miss out.
{the biggest thunder i have ever heard just crashed right above my apartment. it scared me so bad that i peed a little bit. awesome}


The Phipps: said...

i love your posts! i love that you peed a little bit when you heard the thunder; we miss those thunder storms in the south. how's your pregnancy going??

Joseph and Katie said...

no wories- i am enjoying the quiet time at home. its nice to be on my own schedule, and not worry about nap time for a little bit. plenty of projects to do around the house. i just miss my lovies.

can i tell you how excited i am to meet your little one by the way?

Erika Gerszewski Potter said...

I totally heard that thunder today...except for I was at the pool patio. I think my heart almost exploded!
And amen to doing things on your own- I'm feel the exact same:)

Grant + Brittany said...

TOTALLY heard the thunder too!! it scared me so much i felt like i was going to cry.

but i actually feel different about alone time... when it comes to the summers i just feel like i get ENOUGH!! :) love ya.

SJ said...

Do you remember the thunder/lightening/rain in Vilnius? How I was sooooo scared?

Love you