28 August 2009


i've been sleeping in lately.... no idea why exactly, but i just feel so exhausted when i wake up. jake is off to the gym, asked me if i wanted to go. the answer is yes, yes i do want to go, just not now. i'd rather sleep. so he leaves, and i begin feeling worthless. i decide to wake up and to do something. okay, what to do, what to do. i could eat, but we don't have much in the house. i know! i'll blog. i speak my thoughts, even though they really aren't that interesting.
j and i were saying a prayer together last night. he has been saying something lately that really has been hitting home. he very humbly thanks heavenly father in almost every prayer for giving us healthy, functioning, and strong bodies. and it's very true. i occasionally have some aches and pains in my joints, even before i was pregnant. we always used to joke that jake is going to have to carry me around one day because my joints will be so bad. i hope that doesn't come true. i've played the violin since i was 10, and because of that (and putting pressure on my wrist during workouts) i have occasional intense pain in my left wrist. i have pain in both my knees. or then there is the tendonitis that i've dealt with the past few years. guess what though. my feet feel fine. i have some pain here and there, but for the most part i can do whatever it is i need to do. i am healthy and strong enough to grow a baby. my legs are my most disliked body part-- ask anyone who knows me well. they can be my biggest insecurity. they aren't skinny, by any means. they are muscular, yes, and i don't have the smallest ankles. it's always been hard for me to show off my legs. but i realized a few days ago that i have these legs because i am going to need to be able to keep up with my kids. i've always wanted my children to have the kind of childhood i did-- one where i played outside all the live long day. kickball, four square, exploring, riding bikes... you name it, i was outside doing it. i want to be able to play with them, take them on hikes, carry them when they fall... i am going to need my legs to keep up. these thoughts have made me very thankful for the body i've been given. i complain about it sometimes, and i feel bad.
the point is this: i have been given a very strong body that is capable of doing many things. i am willing to take better care of it. i want to. i want to show heavenly father that i really am thankful for my healthy, functioning, strong body.
anyway, just something i've been thinking about.
i got out my camera last night and took some photos. i am such an amnature. i'll be the first to admit that i know nothing about cameras. but at least i've got a lifetime to figure it out! by the time i am taking photos of my grandkids, i'll be a pro.
you know what sounds fun to me? going away with husband. and we are, in just a few weeks. but i can't tell you how we've been having the best time lately, and we're not even doing anything spectacular. let it be known that i am extremely and most utterly thankful that we are able to take a trip to europe so that i can go back to my people. seriously. but i have to be honest and say that what i'm most excited for is getting back to our house, to the place where we really feel at home. i'm excited to get back into a regular daily routine, where i can see jake whenever i want. i'm excited to prepare for baby, and make her room pretty and perfect for when she comes to us. i just feel really anxious for those moments at home that mean the most to me.
anyway, enough blabbing. i have more thoughts but i'll save them for another day.
one more thing:
i'm going to start doing "christmas in {enter month} once a month. i don't want to call it "giveaway" because that's what everyone calls it. so, i officially claim and copyright the title of "christmas in {enter month}". ha. anyway, i read this blog where this lady gives away something once a month (she has lots of money, and her giveaways are like $250 to amazon or to the spa, or to nordstrom. i love you, but i'm not made of money). she gives things away though to show her bloggers that she truly appreciates them reading and being her friend. i thought that was a lovely idea. so, once a month i am going to give a little something away. it will be something that i love, and that i would want a good friend of mine to have. i just appreciate you, and i'd like to show you that.
here is the catch. i'd like you to become a follower, and here is why. when i see who is following me, and then will eventually see their comments under the "christmas in {enter month} post, i already know that you semi-know me, read the blog, etc. it makes me feel better about sending a little something special your way. make sense? anyway, the first "christmas in {enter month} will be in october. i will be giving away something special that i find in europe, something that will mean a lot to me. follow me by then, and let the giving begin.
thanks for being my friend.
p.s. isn't he dreamy?


{Layla + Austin} said...

You're s sweet. I don't follow any blogs actually b/c I have the thingy that shows when people on my list post--and that is good enough for me. BUT I will follow YOUR blog because I know it means a lot to you.

The Young Family Inc. said...

Thanks for not putting those hideous blackmail ones on. You are a true friend.

Jared and Katy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I usually read your blog just through my google reader, but today I read it through your actual blog and I forgot how cute it is...and so much more fun! yay!

.per your request i'm now a follower.

Meg and Terr said...

Yes he is dreamy :) But I have to admit, I think I have a bigger crush on you. Oh how I miss you! I think I'm going to come into town for Jana's wedding so I would love to see you. You brighten my day every time I think of you!

mbishopp said...

it is so great to know your pregnancy is coming along smoothly.
i am excited to come along with you on your vacation. just please do me a favor and keep us out of your bathroom. europe can do crazy things to your stomach whether you're prego or not. I can't wait for that post.

Rachel said...

You have a great husband. :) Don't ya miss being a kid?? That's why we have children. So we have an excuse to play more. Hehe.