20 August 2009

it's seriously amazing to me how i want to literally DIE if i do not eat right when i need to eat. i'm pretty good about keeping snacks with me if i go somewhere, and eating throughout the day, but no lie, i almost pass out/throw up/rage with heartburn if i don't eat immediately when i need to. i'm making these delicious enchiladas for dinner, and so i started to make them, knowing that they only take about 15 minutes in the oven. i can totally wait 15 minutes.
so instead i grab a piece of the leftover pizza from the fridge (the homemade kind that i made last night that you honestly need to make) and a string cheese to tide me over until those enchiladas are complete.
who am i??
oh little missy. you are so perfect, and you're making mama so hungry all the live-long day.
it's okay, i'll take it.


emma said...

Haha. Oh Jenna! This made me laugh. I feel that way even though I've never been pregnant. Waiting for things in the oven is always a major problem.

Keep it up girly. I really do love your blog. Glad baby girl is healthy!

Erin said...

funny what pregnancy does to you. I found it as a wonderful excuse to eat ice cream every night (with my bowl rested on my big belly.) Enjoy it. I miss being pregnant. (I know, kinda crazy, but I really do!)

Andi said...

don't go to a muslim country for the next 29 days then. it probably wouldn't be pretty. i'll be honest and admit that i was a little let down by this post. i thought you were going to speak out against social injustice or something with that photo... and instead, you left me wanting. wanting for a soapbox speech and for some freaking enchiladas. achiu labai biciule!