13 August 2009

remember the fair?

i was thinking about d.c. tonight and the past two summers that we spent there. for some reason i just really loved last summer. i feel like we did so much---probably because most everything is free. not so much here in orlando. but i remember this fair night and i remember LOVING it and having so much fun. i also remember that jake looked so freaking cute. we tried to dress appropriately, if you can't tell. ahh, memories. remember when i had a camera cord? that was cool too. sorry my blog is lame this summer when it comes to pictures, i just don't have a cord and i don't want to go buy one. oh well! photobooth it is.
goodnight all. sweet dreams and memories to you from me.


the bollards.... said...

I want to see your cute pregnant belly, so a suggestion... a memory card reader. They are like $10 and fit all memory cards. They transfer the pictures to your computer via a usb cord. I just got one and it's perfect! Hope all is well. When do you find out what you're having? I can't wait.

Michelle said...

funny that you posted this today, because the fair starts today! i was supposed to today go but my friend had to cancel on me...now you made me even more bummed out about it! haha! i love those pictures of you and jake. you guys are so cute.

The Young Family Inc. said...

You two are adorable!

naomi megan. said...

ha! oh my gosh so crazy you guys have been there! just read your comment! isn't it amazing!?! i LOVED it. i want to go back. tomorrow. this weekend. every day the rest of summer. i adored everything about this fair.

darling photos!