01 August 2009

very excited.

our trip to europe is booked! we're off, september 14 to munich, germany and eventually heading back to my mission. CANNOT WAIT.
p.s. our neighbors whose internet we've been using the entire summer got evicted today. awesome. there goes our internet, so if i'm not up-to-date on the blog, this is why. i'll do my best.


Grant + Brittany said...

"and so i went over to my favorite friends house and used her internet" "and she is really cool and i love everything about her." the end.

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Ohh how exciting!!! We are going to Europe too! Leave NOV. 1st!!! Are you guys doing a tour or backbacking it? I will have to get some pointers from you when you're back!!!

jenna said...

i love europe. i'm jealous. go visit my parents. so this must mean you are not extending? congrats on that. also jealous. i'll call you monday and we'll catch up.

Jennie said...

Copenhagen ain't too far. Come by for a cup of...herbal tea :-)

Agne said...

kaip smagu. reikes pasimatyti :)

andrea.roche said...

Go to Norway. Random thought. it's awesome and different.

I laughed aloud about your neighbor internet situation.
Esp. since we're "borrowing" from our neighbors.
But, they are unemployed, and not seeking work (rather sitting outside all day and smoking and drinking odd substances from paper bags) and living off my tax dollars, so I justify my internet stealing.

noelle regina said...

take a train to Rome while you're at it!


Rachel said...

How awesome!! I know y'all will have so much fun. :)