06 October 2009

beautiful things.

it's 7 in the morning (i've already been up for 45 minutes), and fancy this: i can't sleep. i'm all screwy in that category from traveling. plus baby is making me feel quite uncomfortable. it's okay, she's allowed.
lately i have really started to appreciate the beautiful things in life. maybe it's because i saw so many of God's creations in the past three weeks that it has left a huge impression on me. i've learned (although i think i've always known this) that simplicity is key. i want to make some sacrifices and simplify my home a little bit. i think it would bring a some much needed healing to my soul-- just something fresh and clean for a fresh and clean start.
i've got goals, you see. and i will accomplish them. somehow.
one of the most beautiful things in my life is books.
i can't tell you how much i love to read. i know i've posted about it before, but reading seriously sets me free. i have known about the above books for quite some time now. my little sister has a picture of them on her blog. however, we never knew the source and it was driving me crazy. i finally found them. the best part about these sets is that they contain most of my favorite classics (most importantly it includes wuthering heights, which i've decided i'm going to re-read every christmas). it has brought some serious joy into my brain.
i'd like to share the love. i found them on amazon here for about $13.50 each. yes, i could buy them all at once and feel somewhat satisfied. but i am going to take my husband's advice and set some goals for myself... maybe pick up some editing work. i am going to save some money-- sell some things that i never use. with that money, i can slowly buy one book at a time, thus being able to savor each one. i am going to earn them, like back in the day when my parents would make me pull weeds, mow the lawn, and do other chores in order to have some spending money. jake (and my parents) is so smart. i need to be more like him in so many ways.
what was meant to be a short and sweet post has turned into more. and with that, i am going to go start packing.
signing out: 7:25 am.


the bollards.... said...

Love these books! I may have to start my own collection...

The Browns said...

yay! so glad that you made it back safe. so glad that you two were able to get away for a couple of weeks. sounds like so much fun. hope u, baby bump and jake are doing good. miss u guys!

Erika Gerszewski Potter said...

So glad that you two are back in the states safely! I can't wait to hear about/see pictures of your trip!!
Drive back safely and we'll see you soon!

grant + brittany said...

random question but do you think (whenever you have the time... no stress) you can put that chili recipe on just cook already? i always go to make it and forget random things cause i never wrote it down. its harvest time which means chili time! hope you are still driving safely!

Nila Watterson said...

I'm SO glad you're back safe and sound. We missed you at the reunion, but look forward to seeing you, Jake, and baby in April. I've gone through serious blog withdrawal while you were away - I felt like one of my best friends had just disappeared off the face of the earth - or at least to the other side of the earth. Combine that with sheer jealousy on my part - I would love to have gone with you - so it's been an uncomfortable 3 weeks. So glad you're home.

holtkamp said...

welcome back! i saw these books a while ago and fell in love with them too!

jenna said...

welcome back. love you. i need to see you soon. how are you feeling? blah blah blah. i got your text, but didn't save your number. try again?

just cook already needs a lift don't ya think? i'm working on a couple giveaways as we speak :)

naomi megan. said...

i'm glad you're back! and love these beautiful books.

oh the days of weeding the garden or helping mom organize the cupboards to earn $$ for things i so desperately wanted.

i should go back to that mentality too....

can't wait to hear/ see about europe!