29 October 2009

caramel corn

craving this. might just make some tonight.


SJ said...

This looks delicoius....I just opened your blog and I want some...could you please email the recipe?

Tu esi mano seiminika.

As tave myliu.

Su meiles.

Tavo Seiminika. Ha

noelle regina said...

my brother in law makes the MOST delicious caramel corn, with karo syrup, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract and some other delicious ingredients.

seriously, SO GOOD.
enjoy it.

{Layla} said...

If you find a good recipe PLEASE share it! I have also been craving caramel corn!!! LOVE it! =)

AaReAn said...

i have a great recipe if you want it!

AaReAn said...

i put it on just cook already.