30 October 2009

test results

all is well! i called and it turns out everything is fine.
this is very exciting to me, however i still am going to tweak the diet a bit. it's weird, i swear i'm not eating terrible. i'm serious. as of late i have a sweet tooth, but other than that i think i've been pretty good.
but there is always room for improvement. anyway, that's my good news for the day.


AaReAn said...

oh good! I am glad to hear it!!!

jenn said...

great news!
hope i get good news next week too!

abbie said...

ohhh this is furthering my thinking that i am for sure going to fail this time around, though i haven't heard anything negative about my test....yet. but i did eat rocky road ice cream and peanut m&ms WHILE watching biggest loser the night before. oops.

Michelle said...

so glad you don't have to go through what I did. I know there are worse things...but any extra stress during pregnancy is no fun. keep up the good baby growing!

maleahbliss said...

Sweet! I'm in the clear too. Hurray for good news! :)