24 October 2009

things that make me happy.

so i'm having this weird problem where i feel so hungry all the time, but nothing, and i mean nothing, sounds good. nothing comes close to filling me up. i feel like i haven't eaten a meal in a long time that i'm just dying over. i remember pregnant friends telling me about this problem, and i don't remember ever hearing a solution. great. but the other night, j and i were driving around, running random errands, and i all of a sudden wanted a steamer from starbucks. we had a vanilla steamer in germany at this incredible bakery, and we've been drooling over them ever since. so j was nice and took me to starbucks, and we ordered a low-fat caramel steamer, no whip. we got the biggest one possible and shared it. it warmed my soul and made me happy. maybe i'll just live off those-- i mean baby probably loves caramel, right?
i feel like i'm falling in love with my husband all over again. jake's got this crazy beard right now, and he's had it for over two months. you can imagine the growth. in fact, here is a recent photo.
sometimes i wish he would shave it because i miss the smooth face against mine, but then again, i know how much he is LOVING his beard, and how happy it makes him... why would i want to ruin that? we had a function for his work last night, and they had this crazy mustache contest. i can't even remember what the winner got. we debated long and hard whether he should shave and create some amazing hairy masterpiece on his face, but last minute we decided it wasn't worth it. i am so glad we have good decision-making skills. now he gets to enjoy his beard for a few more weeks. this makes me happy.
my parents are in town, and this makes me happy. my dad was really nice and drove me home last night from my sister's house. j likes to work out late sometimes, and i was feeling so tired. so, as tired as my dad was, he drove me home and we had a good talk, as always. the day before that, i had some alone time with my mom and she surprised me with one of her old, but amazing, sewing machines for my birthday. she gave me a tutorial and we had a really good talk about life and whatnot. my parents are so nonjudgmental of my weaknesses, which is something that i really appreciate. it makes me feel happy they are here.
my hair is finally getting longer. this makes me happy. thank you prenatals.
it's fall and the weather is fine. this makes me incredibly happy-- i love fall so much, i can hardly stand it.
thanksgiving is coming, and it's one of my favorite holidays. i enjoy thinking about things that i'm thankful for. i love seeing family--- it's going to be so great.
this concludes today's things that make me happy.


KEH said...

i love this.

Joseph and Jessica said...

Hey Janna, its Jessica Cole...now Jessica Prielozny. Anyway, Stephanie Hawkins randomly sent me a link to your blog and i thought, wow, i would really love to see how she's doing. So i asked steph for your email, BUT she doesn't have it. Here's my email jessicaprieloany@gmail.com. Email me, I'd love to get back in touch. p.s. I sent a comment like this already, but i didn't see that it posted. So, if you get a couple of these from me its only bc I'm not really sure how blogs work completely! Hope to talk to you soon! Oh, and congrats on your baby girl!! I can't believe we're all growing up!

Joseph and Jessica said...

So I can't type obviously...JENNA, not janna and my email is jessicaprielozny@gmail.com