14 October 2009

trip to europe, part 1.

i've spent a long time today getting these pictures ready. i was going to save them all for one post, but for some reason, this post isn't saving anymore. therefore, i am forced to post our europe trip in two different parts. i hope you enjoy! more to come in a few days.
Czech Republic
i have an obsession with stained glass.
below: this is the only statue/depiction of Christ in europe that touched me personally.
jake and his weapons. don't mess.
below: how amazing are these strawberries?
this picture below was basically our routine. changing of the clothes before going into the pension/hotel. gotta love it.
"i am 16 going on 17"-- yes, there were about 40 people watching us kiss in front of the sound of music gazebo.
i think this picture is so cool. pretty little bell flowers growing out of a stone wall.
i love you, D90.
picture below: jake at hitler's eagle's nest.
tunnel leading to the eagle's nest.
{Bern, Grindelwald, Zermatt}
above: our favorite german word.
below: best food ever.
this lady asked us to find her an american husband. her name is hilda.
we told her we'd try.
the top of europe: jungfraujoch
it was really bright.
below: i call this picture "almost." this man acted like he totally knew what he was doing.
apparently he didn't. but for some reason, i really like it.
probably one of my favorite pictures of jake ever.
below: jake's new friends. i censored it by a spider web, if you couldn't tell.
me and rebi. she is so fantastic.
Germany Part 1
{Todtmoos, Linderhof}
below: bill kazmaier, strongest man that ever lived. we saw him in the airport on the way to germany and jake used his skills to find him and get a picture.
my german parents. it's a long story, but basically barbel (the sweet lady) sat by me on the airplane from atlanta to germany when i was flying to my mission more than two years ago. we instantly connected and have been writing letters ever since. she and her husband horst were so kind to us. it was a miracle that i got to see her again.


Michelle said...

what amazing pictures! I love the gazebo! great pictures of you and your cute hubby, and how awesome that you have stayed in touch with someone you met on a plane - your'e amazing! You really took some beautiful pictures. what is that cool ice tunnel?

Danielle said...

wow, it looks like a perfect time to go season wise. I am so jealous!

Katie McNeil said...

Beautiful!! I loved that first one of Salzberg. I am also loving Jake's mountain man beard.

Ausfahrt? hahahha

Erika Gerszewski Potter said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had an AMAZING trip! I'm so jealous:) Can't wait to see more!

Canadian Princess said...

AMAZING...I just love the buildings and architecture in Europe...not to mention the scenery! I love the first pic of Austria and the pic of Jake at the eagle's nest. What a neat opportunity for you guys!

Erin said...

Love the pictures and that you had such a wonderful time. Europe is so romantic! My favorite picture is the one of you sitting on the bench. And I love your scarfs. Can you post a how to on how to put on scarfs like you do? Mine always hang really weird and dumb... :)

Breanne King said...


grant + brittany said...

wow, oh this just makes me wanna go! it looks so amazing. i love all the pictures, they are so fun. i'm so jealous.

holtkamp said...

your pictures are amazing jenna! i'm so glad you got to see you german parents, that is the cutest story :)

Annalisa said...

amazing. loved all the photos.

{Layla} said...

oh my!!! What a fabulous trip! I love all of the pictures, it looks like you had many beautiful moments during your europe travels. I MUST get your traveling advice before Austin and I go to Europe!!!

Rachel said...

Seeing your pictures made me miss Europe so bad! Y'all look so so happy Jenna. :) I'm glad you were able to do this before "little missy" was born.

Jenny Dannels said...

Looks like an amazing trip...someday when we get over there you are coming with me...i mean it too! Miss you gorgeous!

Jenny Dannels said...

Looks like an amazing trip...someday when we get over there you are coming with me...i mean it too! Miss you gorgeous!

natalie said...

I can't even believe that some of those pictures are real! I have looked at them like 5 times. You saw everything!

Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

What an amazing trip!! Your photos are awesome!

tam & eric battles said...

first of all...loving the baby bump! secondly, yes i am up at um, 2;00 in the morning cuz i cannot sleep due to too much ice cream :) third, so jealous you wen to switzerland...def, on my top 5 list to go to! and lastly, did you have to post pics only 4-5 at a time, cuz it always takes me forevvvvvver to upload pics...whats your trick, or maybe you are just super paticent! hope the last lil bit of your pregoness goes well!! girl or boy?? can't remember :) name? so exciting!

jenna said...

i just love these pics and they brought back so many fun memories. can't wait to see you this week.

mbishopp said...

WOW. i love the new favorite german word and what is it that you were so happy to be eating? that dish looks like octopus eyeballs on a plate.

Morgan and Stuart said...

Amazing. I love all of your photos!

Kyle and Nicky said...

I love looking at these pictures! I am so jealous!!!