18 November 2009


i feel like i've got a lot of clutter. no, this is not a picture in my home. although i do love all these books. yeah, see this is my problem. i have a hard time getting rid of certain things, and those certain things cause subtle clutter. i use the word subtle because it's not like i'm some insane pack rat. i just appreciate certain things that i have.... like books, for example.
i look at all these interior design blogs and go ga-ga over these rooms, and guess what they all have in common? NO CLUTTER. not one bit.
take this room for example:
see? zero clutter. simple. fabulous. oh how i adore this room, you have no idea.
anyway, i'm going to go clean out some drawers and some cupboards and get rid of it.
we all know i'm a fan of simplifying. so, that is what i'm going to go do.

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Jodi said...

i love all the shutters! fabulous.