17 November 2009

pirates cove, vegas.

update on this past weekend. PIRATES COVE-- arrrrr mateys. we had such a blast, i can't even explain it. we went up with jake's work and all of our buddies there, and let's just say we were slightly shocked at how amazing it is. i am basically stealing this post from brittany barnes, because she took all of these fancy pictures and described it so well on her blog. hope that's okay brit! she says, "it's a 30 million dollar private pirate themed resort. the cast of pirates of the caribbean have even stayed there. It included 3 swimming pools, two water slides, rope swing, multiple hot tubs, 20 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, home theatre, saunas, indoor basketball and racquetball courts and even an ice cream and slushy machine. it was absolutely amazing. i felt like we were living inside a mini disneyland or something. it was so fun being with all of our friends. all the boys were in heaven beating themselves up by cramming as many of them as possible down the water slides, jumping off pirate ships at all different heights and playing racquetball till the break of dawn." all of this is completely accurate and you should have seen all those crazy boys jumping off pirate ships...my husband being one of them. i've decided our kids are going to be crazy because jake and i are both quite the dare devils.
most of our time was spent hanging around, eating, swimming, chatting, laughing, playing... i loved it. we also had the opportunity to go see cirque du soleil, O, which was out of this world. i was seriously mezmorized by it. see trailer here. (thanks again, zach. you're the best)
we also got to go to excalibur and watch the medieval times show, which is always a family favorite. can't get over how AMAZING their pepsi is. oh my gosh.
all in all, it was a weekend to remember, and it was definitely nice to get away and hang out with our close friends.
miss abby girl.
drew being crazy, as always.


Annalisa said...

looks like fun.

Catherine Parker said...

I totally stayed at that place about a year and a half ago when I was in Vegas for a friend's wedding. It is seriously unreal and incredible.... so much fun.