07 November 2009

please. plllleeeaassseee.

all i want is this color of paint. it's martha's "robin's egg blue," and it is the exact color i'm needing. i will find it. or i will find a color to match it, if anything. this is what's on my mind right now. that is all.


jenna said...

lowes has martha stewart paint you just have to ask for the deck and they'll match it.

i recently used her paint color surf, which looks very similar to this and i love it.

TandNdschaak said...

Hey random....i was wondering what Katie's email is so that I can see more pictures of her new little girl on her blog!

Hope your are enjoying every moment of pregnancy : )


Teryn said...

I recently painted my living room "Valley Mist" from Behr paint. It's a FABULOUS shade of robin's egg blue... if you didn't want the big price tag of the Martha Stewart paint.. it might be worth getting a sample and trying it on your walls.. I get TONS of compliments on mine ;)

Annalisa said...

you could try this website to get the perfect match


Bart and Jill said...

My mom has used this color many a times in her home. I thinks she has to have it matched these days.