06 November 2009


november 6
november 6. i have the coolest nephews in all the land. i'm serious. the three little crazies in costumes are so energetic, fun, entertaining, funny, and they give really good hugs are are seriously so sweet and creative. i am so thankful to be a part of their lives. i really do love them so much. andrew is one of my best friends. yes, i am best friends with two-year old. he is also wild, hilarious, and also very entertaining. he came into my life when i really needed him, and for that i am so thankful. i love him more and more every single day. then we've got solo girl holding her own as the only niece, abby girl (as katie likes to call her). she is so cute, i just can't stand it. i'm happy she's finally here.
really love these kiddies of mine.

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