19 November 2009


in need of amazing fabric websites, or stores around the salt lake/orem area. i've made the pelmet box, and i think i did a pretty good job. however, my fabric didn't work, and i've looked everywhere. so please, please share your secrets with me. i beg of you.
the above fabrics are right up my alley... not necessarily colors (do l.o.v.e. the colors, but not for nursery at this time), but designs. these particular ones come from lewis & sheron textile co. in atlanta. great website, but i don't necessarily want to order fabric. i'd love to find this kind of stuff around here, but maybe it just doesn't exist. i'm from atlanta, so i could just have my mom go scout out some fabric for me... anyway. i'd still love to know what's good around here, if there is anything good.
help me.


Clegg Family said...

Try The Fabric Mill- right next to Wendy's in Orem.

Clegg Family said...

* on State St...(behind Barnes & Noble, etc) They have a good selection of Amy Butler fabrics.

Cassie and Doug Hansen said...

Jenna it was soo good to see you both this weekend too! I seriously love all you guys. You are so stinking adorable pregnant it makes me want to be pregnant too! I love you and can't wait to see you guys again!

noelle regina said...

home fabric. one in utah county one on 7200 south.

fabric guru (online)

lsfabics (online)

and torture yourself with schumacher fabrics. (online)


Joseph and Katie said...

the material girls up south jordan i think. its the BEST. they've got everything! everyone i know goes nuts. good luck!


jenna said...

go to home fabrics. my sister and i made this same pelmet box with fabric from there and its awesome. and amazingly inexpensive for such good quality. it's by best buy in orem.