06 December 2009


i woke up this morning to white. i have been waiting for this snow! i may have a swollen face, feet, hands, ankles, toes... you name it. and i may feel pretty uncomfortable almost always, but the snow is a sign to me that little one is coming very soon; this makes me very happy.
i whole-heartedly welcome you snow.


Cathy said...

Yay for snow! I woke up to the same in Pensylvania- and I just love it!

Annalisa said...

just be careful. low pressure from snow storms brings on labor. my boy was supposed to be born at the end of january, but a snow storm on new years day brought him on the 2nd. it sure looked pretty from the hospital window holding a newborn.


Jodi said...

i welcome it until it takes me two hours to drive to work in the morning! p.s. love your baby room