15 December 2009

loving this.

is anyone obsessing over jay z like i am right now? i am seriously loving his music.
i mean, empire state of mind might be my favorite song right now.
and then there's run this town.
i think baby likes it too. she might be a little gangsta like her motha.


{Layla} said...

Empire state of mind is definitely mine and my husband's favorite song right now. We can't get enough of it and not just because we freakin love NYC. Jay Z and Alicia Keys sound amazing together. We blast that song as often as we can, not to mention we periodically text or say lines from the song to each other all day. Did I say we were obsessed with that song? It sure seems like it huh?

grant + brittany said...

yo. yes i love them both so much. "new yoooOOORRRKKKKKK" my favorite line- "big lights will inspire you. let's hear it for NEW YOOOoooorkkk!"

also run this town- i LOVE rihanna. seriously just love her.

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

two words: he's hot.

Morgan said...

The day it appeared on iTunes it got downloaded onto my computer... mostly because of Stuart... But I'm also loving it!

jenna said...

when i listen to empire state of mind i pretend i'm from new york. like gossip girl new york. and i all of a sudden find myself proud of a city i have nO ties to except that i've been there . wow. i'm nuts.

thobeka said...

i love that you love this!! my number ipod track right now :)