11 December 2009


i just don't have it it me today to do anything.
i am beyond tired, which is slightly annoying because i do have things i need to get done.
but alas, my eyes will barely stay open.
my nose is swollen.
so are my ankles.
i waddle everywhere. nothing fits anymore.
my palms won't stop sweating.
i have a serious sweet tooth that i can't seem to control.
i have a blackhead that seems to understand the concept of "the gift that keeps on giving."
i miss jake (he's out of town).
but i am happy because a warm shower really does feel nice.
my straightener is my friend and helps me to feel okay.
i have good coverup to take care of my gay blackhead.
lip gloss and blush make me really happy.
my bed is really comfortable.
my baby kicks me.
i had a quesadilla for lunch.
i prayed for energy and i got some.

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