29 January 2010

i have a very serious craving.
i love to run. i've always loved to run. i think that's one reason why i loved to play soccer growing up; i was a mid-fielder, which means i ran all over the field constantly for 90 minutes. it was fun for me. and i was in shape and felt good about life.
i have a very serious craving to go running.
3 more weeks. 3 more weeks until i can go to the gym.
and i am so excited.
i'm also excited to get a jogging stroller and to go for a run with goldie one day.
oh what fun we'll have!


Anonymous said...

Oo I felt the same way! Now that I CAN run, it's not fun anymore :)

Magdalena said...

You will love your jogger. When the weather is cooperating, mini and I always take our roomy jogger up the hill to the grocery store. Do show us when your new purchase when you get it?

holtkamp said...

i didn't know you played soccer! i'm excited for you to get back to, exercise is such a stress reliever. and now you have your precious daughter to work out with :)