03 January 2010

the things we do.

{photo taken a few months after we got married. 2007}
jake and i have been having a lot of fun together lately. i think we're both kind of trying to soak up the last moments of just the two of us. we had another barnes and noble date on friday, followed by a dollar movie. yesterday my sister and i got a much needed pedicure. later that night, jake and i watched a movie on tv, then decided that we wanted pizza, so we picked up a pizza. we got the $5 from little ceasar's, and the whole time we were in there waiting, jake kept trying to tie a balloon to my pony tail... you know, so he wouldn't lose me. i was laughing so hard that i almost peed my pants. stop it jake, seriously. i will pee. so he did. then without me knowing it, i all of a sudden had a balloon tied around my wrist.
since little ceasar's is right next to blockbuster, we rented another movie. midnight comes around and we realize that our church changed from 1 pm to 9 am. we better go to bed. woke up this morning, headed to church and i could barely keep my eyes open. i'm not sleeping well these days, hmmm wonder why. oh maybe it's because i'm huge. yes, that's it. throughout all of church, jake and i kept whispering to each other, "stay alive. don't leave me. be strong." we'll get used to it, not to worry. we got home a little after 12 noon and said, "huh this is funny. this is normally when we'd be waking up." pathetic, but true.
i got a calling today. nursery assistant. will you accept this calling? yes. good. we figured this would be good for you! i smiled calmly and walked out of the room, holding jake's hand. we passed the bishop, smiled, said goodbye. the minute i walked outside i started crying. might have had a slight breakdown. nursery?? i'm about to have my first baby! how can i do all this?
i almost said no. i really did. but it'll all work out somehow. some way.
jake does these spin moves in the kitchen that make me laugh really hard. if there is a song on, and he's rinsing a plate to put in the dishwasher, he'll spin from the sink to the dishwasher. just writing about it makes me laugh, and unfortunately does no justice to the hilarity of it all.
jake's dad sent me his baby picture, which i just saw for the first time this past week. i think he's so freaking cute.
come soon, little misses.
Oh anyway. i'm looking forward to this week. i've got some cleaning to do. i've got some lunch dates. i've got life to live i guess. and so do all of you! hope you all had a great weekend.


Sheryl said...

your miss will be a doll! i love how you're living it up! i need to keep doing that too!

Kelley said...

Our ward just got changed from 1pm to 9am and I just was called as the Nursery coordinator. 1pm church was the best... but Sunday afternoon naps are lovely too:)

andrea.roche said...

NURSERY!? Are they crazy?

Here's my hint to you. Talk to the primary presidency. When I had treyson and 6 insane sunbeams, the presidency quickly saw it was mass chaso and moved me to the 11 year olds. bliss.

Kelley said...

You know what else is pretty identical about our lives? we are both married to seriously goofy guys. I was laughing about that balloon thing... that is so Vak's humor too. It's the best... I never know what is going to come out of his mouth sometimes.

jenna said...

just breathe. it's going to be okay. i don't know why in the HELL {excuse my french} they called you to nursery but it's going to be okay. I would call the nursery leader and inform her that due to doctor's orders, once the baby is born, you won't be attending church for at least eight weeks. tell her you'll do whatever home projects she can think of that she might need accomplished for the nursery. that will be mORE than doing your part.

as for jake, um HE IS HUGE in that picture. what is he ten lbs???? BE AFRAID. be very afraid.

did you not get your invite for Q's birthday? i figured since you didn't say anything about it.....now i'm feeling bad/guilty/awful. i would have loved for you to be there.

i'm seeing you on wednesday. couldn't be happier. i have a gift for goldie and i'm going to rub your belly. and you can't stop me.

grant + brittany said...

saw this on alix's blog, thought of you.



Rachel said...

nursery. huh. aren't you going to have to leave randomly to feed the baby?? and the baby can't even be there with the other kiddos for a while. so i guess you got a calling you can skip for a while. :)

can't wait to see what your little missy looks like!

mbishopp said...

ah, life with no kids is grand. :) they must not realize you're as pregnant as you are to call you into nursery. good luck with that.

Michelle said...

you make me smile. really you do. That baby pic of Jake is so dang cute. So cute. and whoever's idea it was to put you in the nursery must have been high. (is that sac-religious of me?)