29 April 2010

anniversary, birthday, and goldie girl.

first of all, a lovely photo of goldie. for good measure, of course. she is dreamy.
we had a really amazing anniversary dinner last night. shout out to ash and jd for watching lou for a few hours-- you're the best. we went to flemings and oh my gosh, it was to die for. i am still thinking about it today and i almost didn't brush my teeth last night so i could keep tasting my petite filet.
so we basically concluded no gifts this year, and for the first time ever, i listened. well, jake did not, and he planned it that way that little sneak. we get home and we're just watching some american idol when jake walks into the kitchen. then he says, "oh by the way. where did that red stain come from on the bedspread?" of course i sit straight up and look at him very seriously and say, "what stain?" he's like, "i don't know, there is this red stain on the side of the bed." so i jump up and shimmy my way back to our room. i turn to glance back at him right before i go in and he has the biggest smile on his face. something is up. so i open the door and this is what i find:
are you kidding me?? a full set of le creuset cast iron cookware. chocolate. flowers. a card. i started crying. i was speechless. he knows me so well... i didn't even ask for it or give him any hints. HE JUST KNOWS. unreal. i am so, so thankful. and then we have these old birthday photos from almost a month ago. good old jake. we went to texas roadhouse and the server made him get on a saddle while the entire restaurant sang happy birthday to him. and then he made me join him. i love that we still have fun.
and that, my friends, is the update on my life.


AaReAn said...

love it. oh you are going to LOVE those pans!!

maleahbliss said...

Oh! I am so jealous!! Those pans are AWESOME!!! Have fun! :)

Morgan said...

AMAZING! I'm so happy for you. Good job Jake!

Michelle said...

jealous of the gifts...so jealous! Our anniversary was yesterday, and guess what we did....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We are such losers. I actually bought myself flowers last night. My husband sucks, yours rocks. That pic of goldie is delicious!