08 April 2010


since i know you're all so concerned...
yes, chopped one of my favorite shows, but it's also the status of my hair. about 5 inches gone... i kind of miss it, but not really. it's just hair. it'll grow back. for now, though, i feel much lighter and refreshed. here's to spring.


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

WHAT! You didn't even consult me! Probably because you knew what I would have said. I am sure you look great~ BUt WHATEVER!

SJ said...

I like it.

Remember your hair on your mission?

Love you.


andrea.roche said...

One day, i hope to achieve your blonde....It looks healthy and fresh.

Agnė said...

man patinka tavo šukuosena.

myliu ir pasiilgau tavęs!