21 April 2010

my walk with goldie today was very special. i couldn't help but feel incredible peace knowing that i am doing exactly what i'm supposed to be doing with my life right now. to be honest, i have been dreaming of this walk for a long time... walking outside in warm weather with my baby. i've been dreaming about it even before she was born... this walk has been a long time coming. yes, we've gone on a few walks before, but today it was just me and goldie, and it was special. it was quiet-- we're away from roads and distractions, and i'm thankful for that. all you could hear were birds and a distant lawn mower, two sounds that i love. i told her about trees, the sky, birds, grass, and flowers. i told her a story about who created it all, and that she was very loved by that creator. like i said...a special walk it was. i can't tell you how amazing the weather is. there is a nice warm breeze. not a cloud in the sky. it reminds me of why i loved my childhood in ohio... because it was always pretty outside. i was always outside playing. today made me really happy that we're here.
she was very excited to 1) try out her new stroller and 2) be outside here are some things we saw:
pretty cherry trees.
my little observer.
this nice golf course that we live by.
self portrait.
i know, right? dreamy.
someone was tired by the end.
earlier today we had a little photo shoot:
and these are from a few weeks ago. we put her newborn little hospital beanie back on--it was so cute. she seriously loves jake.


Morgan said...

I feel like I live in a concrete jungle. Must have been so fun to do that!

jenn said...

i just love these pictures@ makes me feel all peaceful and dreamy too! i went for a walk today with finley....not nearly as peaceful (around the neightborhood...cars, truck, someone getting a new roof)...but a great walk with my baby...
that last picture of goldie and jake is precious....she really looks like she loves her daddy!

AaReAn said...

don't think she could be any cuter! I mean really!!!

ashley schmutz said...

she is the CUTEST little gal!

Michelle said...

what a wonderful post