26 April 2010


my gosh i feel like i got hit in the face with a brick today. i. feel. so. tired. we stay up way too late every single night. jake and i have turned into these crazy night owls--it's bad, bad news. last night we were up until 2:30 AM just talking talking away. we discussed future job situations, life, children, goldie and how freaking cute she is, food, motivation, traveling, our bodies, our anniversary, money... you name it, we talked about it. then finally, we conk out. it's like we didn't even finish our conversation (not that there was any real order to it anyway... not even really a end or a beginning). i just remember being like, "jake, do you get what i'm saying?" and he says, "yep." then he's out. and then i'm out. and then we're out. and before i know it i'm waking up to play with goldie girl. all day i've felt so lethargic; it probably has to do with the weather too. it's gray, rainy and chilly. quick note: i'm watching jeopardy (ew i don't even know why. the show just makes me feel incredibly stupid), they just referred to pregnancy as a condition. kind of odd, if you ask me. i feel like pregnancy is more of a state of mind. ha! THINK POSITIVE. so back to my point: i am a night owl and i have to stop it. i remember right before i had goldie, i was so exhausted that i would go to bed at 10 pm and feel so refreshed the next day. it's hard during the summer because jake doesn't get home until late from work, so of course i want to stay up and see him. ahhh jake. probably couldn't love him more than i do right now. he's been very thoughtful lately. like last night, he told me after dinner (a late one, mind you) to go do my jobs (brush teeth, wash face, etc.) and he would clean up the kitchen. the little things are what mean the most to me, and he knows that. i was SO thankful! i've been cooking like crazy these days because of the recipe blog-- new recipes, new experiments.. i feel like i'm always in the kitchen. so it really meant a lot to me that he offered to do that. our anniversary is on wednesday... 3 years already. what a trip! i suck at life and forgot to mention my love's birthday that was at the beginning of this month. he is such a gem. if you've never met jake, you're seriously missing out-- he is hilarious, entertaining, loving, kind, generous, giving, honest, and such a good dad. watching him love goldie makes me love him even more. anyway, i just feel very thankful for my life and the things that i've been blessed with. i appreciate the simplicity that i feel knowing that i have a healthy baby, a hard-working and loving husband, and my beliefs. these are the things that truly give me peace and happiness. so happy anniversary to us. here's to many more. and i'm seriously going to stop going to sleep so late.. at least i'm going to try. have a great day.


Alisa said...

Happy anniversary! I'm Elliott Brennan's wife (he was Jake's MTC companion). Elliott took him out to dinner the last time he was in Phoenix (February maybe?) and it was so much fun watching them go through old mission pictures, letters, etc., after coming back to our house for an hour or so. I was laughing the entire time hearing their stories and loved seeing the pictures he sent Elliott (in NZ) from Samoa. Hurrah to us for marrying such fun and amazing men!

jenn said...

happy anniversary to you guys!
and happy birthday jake.
and thats so funny, matt and i are night owls too....but since finleys been here...as soon as she goes to bed for good (between 10-11PM), im like...ok, gotta go! i gotta go to bed with finley! except tonight, she actually fell asleep at 930 (early for her)...and its 1115 and i dont see bedtime in the near future...ill pay tomorrow!

Julie said...

Jake is a blessed man because you love to cook. No doubt. I am serious. Julie
PS I am such a night owl. When my alarm goes off at 5:45 or Kai jumps on my bed at 6:45 I swear out loud then pray to die.

Erin said...

you and I share the same exact anniversary! How crazy! I love reading your blog! You are doing great with this blog, the cooking blog, being a great mom and a fabulous wife. jake is a very lucky man!

Dutson Fam said...

I found your blog through a friend's blog and I quite like it! Your little Goldie is adorable and I appreciate your honesty in your posts! I'm gonna follow! :)

And long talks with the husband are always nice! Much needed!

Annalisa said...

happy anniversary.

our 10th is on sunday. lol, i remember hitting our three year anniversary, we'd just had our first baby and had no clue what to expect years down the road.

its a great journey especially when you have someone that you can have a good conversation with....congrats!

happy for your little family.