06 June 2010

ba ba ba.

it's about time for a real update, don't you think? we were in ohio for the first month of the summer, so we took advantage and headed over to kirtland one sunday. let me just say that ohio is beautiful-- i think i mentioned that once before on here. simply beautiful. it was a perfect day in kirtland (ugh i kept saying kirKland because i'm so obsessed with costco) and i look forward to going again one day.

anyway, now we're living in pennsylvania and it's equally as pretty.  i love driving on the back roads and looking at all the barns and silos... i think i'm going to start a photo project.

i'm going to be a better picture-taker from now on and seriously document our adventures this summer.  going to a major flea market/farmer's market on tuesday, and i am so excited about it.

hope you had a great weekend!

rice cereal attempt #1: complete. this is the before picture... 

...and after. why does it have to look like puke? 

oh just give me the spoon already mom. 

maybe we like it?  there is hope.

hi goldie. you are so cute. 

gotta have the swimsuit shot. when she wears this hat, i want to bite her. 

nothing more special to me than my little lady here. i love when she's in her jammies--it's my favorite. 



holtkamp said...

jenna you have the cutest little family! hope you guys are enjoying PA!

jenna said...

you look amazing. love you!