04 June 2010


in my opinion, there isn't anything sweeter in this world than goldie.

i'm serious.

i haven't felt like blogging much lately.  i feel like i have a lot of things to say, but i just don't feel like sitting down and saying them.  our days consist of naps, eating, walking, occasionally going to the pool, kisses, gurgles, snot-sucking (she's learning to avoid that like a champ), and squeezes.

i love pennsylvania.  i really do.  we are living in the middle of no where it seems, but i love that.  i don't mind driving 20 minutes to costco.  i don't mind not having internet right now (picking up random signal as we speak.  hope it lasts).  i don't mind not having tv.  it's been pleasantly quiet in our house and the only sounds i really hear are goldie talking and low rumbles of thunder at night.  it's nice.  and there i was, thinking i would die without the food network.  seems like we're doing just fine here, thank you.

i saw a horse and buggy pull out of costco the other day.  apparently the amish belong too.  who would've thought?

i've been working hard on harvesting the spirit in our home lately.  i feel like i'm always striving to do that, but recently i've been really trying.  i've been singing more primary songs.  jake and i are probably at our best right now with communication and laughter and entertaining each other.  it's probably because we don't have internet or tv.  genius.  i'm realizing more than ever that the families in this world are being attacked, and satan is very, very cunning.  well, he doesn't have a place in this home, i will tell you that much.
when jake is gone, i'm the protector.  and satan knows better than to mess with me.
oh anyway.

i guess i should go.  i'll do better at posting, but for now i'm just kind of hanging out, getting lost in my own thoughts and enjoying it.  i have photos from when we visited kirtland that i want to put up-- that'll happen probably sometime next week.  i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

is it thursday?  or friday?  i honestly don't know the answer to that question at the moment.



Ali said...

Goldie LITERALLY gets cuter by the day. She is one chubby little girl - love the chub on her arms! Glad you're soaking up every minute!

Breanne King said...

pleaseee tell me you saw my sister at the visitors center at kirtland. She's on her mission there! I hope she gave you a tour.